1. Our aim is to create value every single day for our clients. We believe that by creating value for our clients, we create value for ourselves.

2. We seek to provide excellent client services and always aim to fulfil the requirements of our clients.

3. We believe in building partnerships, facilitating collaboration and utilising leverage in order to achieve extraordinary returns on ours and our client‟s assets.

4. We value creativity, innovation, diligence and attention to detail. We constantly strive to anticipate rapidly changing opportunities in our business environment and to develop innovative means to exploit those opportunities on behalf of our clients.

5. We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

6. We believe that a portion of our profits should go towards helping others in need through investment in social enterprise. This is an area that as we grow we will continue to nurture and develop.

7. In line with our investment beliefs, we believe in investing in the people that work for us to improve them and make them better.

Sample Clients

MCORE is a member of the Association of Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers