Feasibility Studies


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The aim of a feasibility study is to model the likelihood of the success of a project by studying the project within the context of its surroundings in order to clarify whether it is a viable project suitable for investment. A well written feasibility study provides a window through which an investor is better able to view the opportunity presented by a proposed project. It answers questions before the investor asks them and it provides an understanding of all aspects of the project. 

A well-presented project supported by a professionally written feasibility study is much more likely to attract funding from investors.

A professional feasibility study will include an analysis of the area within which the project will be situated, a study of the existing supply of similar projects within the area, a study of the demand for the project within the area, a review of the project in question and an analysis of the cashflows generated by the projected including costs of development and on-going operating costs, revenues and profits. The cashflow will outline the profitability of the project and expected returns to the project funders and owners.

MCORE is an expert in writing feasibility studies for large projects. We have in-depth market knowledge, an understanding of property development, delivery and operations and expertise in financial to model costs and revenue streams across a variety of scenarios.

MCORE has undertaken feasibility studies for commercial offices, apartment towers, oil storage depots, residential mixed-use master-planned estates, industrial buildings, retail shopping malls and alternative assets such as floating hotel accommodation.

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